An Announcement from Inspire!
There are rumors floating in our sewing community that Inspire! Quilting may be closing. Today we would like to quell that rumor with the truth.
Inspire! Quilting & Sewing opened our doors in August 2012 to a line of ladies from Strawberry Patch Quilt Guild. They were our very first customers and each made a purchase to get us started. Their customer numbers in our system were in double digits way back then. Now we have a customer base that numbers over 12,000 customers. That’s a lot of support over the last 11 years!
This year, our owner, Lynn Haberl, has made a joint decision with her husband to retire from their businesses on May 31st and start traveling to see what they can see. After that decision was made, they also chose to sell the building that Inspire! currently lives in.
What comes next, you ask?
Lisa, Stacie, and Marsha will be taking over Inspire! Quilting and are currently looking for commercial real estate in or near Plant City for our new home. We will remain at our current location through April or May 2024 and will continue to do business as usual until then. We will announce the new address as soon as we secure it.
Our plan for the new location is to continue all the services we currently offer: Brother machines and accessories, and Brother machine repair, quilting services, in-store, and virtual classes and plenty of fabrics; all just in a new location.
As we get toward the summer months, you will see a slimming down of new products both in store and online but we are not going out of business, we just don’t want to have a ton of inventory when we move!
So….we sincerely appreciate the continued support of all 12,000 of you for our small quilt shop business and we will continue to keep you all in the loop as this first era (+1) for Inspire! closes, and a new one opens sometime in the summer of 2024.
Thank you from the Inspire! Quilting family