Brother, SAMS360, Magnetic Sash Frame for XP2
SAMS360 Hoopnetic Magnetic Sash Frame Includes: Eight magnets and frame For use with XP1 + XP2, easily stitch in any area of your choice! Sewing area: 180 MM x 360 MM, works with thicker materials too! Patent-Pending Brother Exclusive Hoopnetic...
$ 499.99 USD
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Brother, Hoop, 4 X 4, Slide In
SA438 Embroidery Hoop, 4" x 4" Perfect for medium sized embroidery designs 4" x 4" Embroidery field Convenient slide-on hoop For Use With: DreamCreator XE VM5100, DreamMaker XE VE2200, DreamWeaver XE VM6200D, Duetta 2 4750D, Duetta 4500D, Innov-ís 1500D, Innov-ís...
$ 89.99 USD
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Brother, SA445, Hoop, 5 X 12, Snap on
SA445 Embroidery Hoop, 5"x12" Expandable embroidery area without re-hooping 5" x 12" Embroidery Area Convenient snap-on hoop Repositionable hoop for larger embroidery design creations. 3 pegs for repositioning the hoop in progressive sections to expand the embroidery area without re-hooping....
$ 109.99 USD
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Brother,SA443, Hoop 4 X 4
Embroidery hoop for most popular motif sizes. Adjustment screw for securing a wide variety of fabric thicknesses in the hoop. Clear grid notched for accurate placement of embroidery designs. Markings on hoop for easy reference. Firmly holds a variety of...
$ 69.99 USD
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Brother, SA439, 5X7 Hoop, Slide in
BP2100, DreamCreator™XE VM5100, DreamMaker™ XE VE2200, DreamWeaver™ XE VM6200D, Duetta® 2 4750D, Duetta® 4500D, Innov-ís 1500D, Innov-ís 2500D, Innov-ís 2800D, Innov-ís 4000D, Innov-is NQ1400E, Innov-is NQ3500D, Isodore® Innov-ís 5000, Quattro® 2 6700D, Quattro® 3 Trilogy Limited Edition Innov-ís 6750D, Quattro®...
$ 99.99 USD
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