Tilda's Hot Chocolate Sewing
Get cosy with a warming drink and a new sewing project for autumn. In Tilda Hot Chocolate Sewing, bestselling author Tone Finnanger returns with a stunning new collection featuring the Tilda BirdPond fabric range. Featuring over 20 projects, you can...
$ 24.99 USD
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Tilda Sewing by Heart
144 pages A brand new Tilda project book featuring stunning photography of the latest Tilda patchwork and quilting projects, in the colorful new Tilda fabric ranges. The book features 8 full-size quilts, plus smaller sewing projects such as pillows, pincushions...
$ 24.99 USD
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Tilda's Sunshine Sewing
Bring some Scandi charm to your spring crafting with Tilda's Sunshine Sewing. This brand new pattern book from the hugely popular designer Tone Finnanger is packed with gorgeous sewing and quilting projects to add a ray of sunshine into your...
$ 17.99 USD
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Tilda's Seasonal Ideas Collection
15 quilt patterns from ever-popular sewing brand Tilda, with book sales in excess of 1.3 million worldwide. World-renowned for her beautiful fabrics and charming designs, Tone Finnanger has established Tilda as a creative lifestyle that makers dream of. From her...
$ 21.99 USD
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